Result ?!?

6 hours of hard efforts and ‘SHE’ comes with the fuming hot chicken biriyani “ I have tried for the first time for you…”
The excited ‘HE’ sat for the dinner with all smiles on face .
RESULT time.

Of them, Two were happy and two were hurt.

Happy were the both hearts.

And Hurt were…
…the vegetarian hands while cooking the chicken and
the already filled tommy from office-party while relishing the salt less Biriyani.
Afterall all is fair in Love.. and Love.

– Dr. Rajkumar Patra



CRUELTY was not enough satisfied by bringing him to earth as a Colour blind, it took his parents away as well when he was just 3 !

But LIFE had planned different… It was writing a similar story in some place few kilometres away for a SHE.

Just DESTINY had to wait and give some time to TIME to bring them together ! And then HISTORY witnessed a beautiful and COLOURFUL LOVESTORY.

– Dr. Rajkumar Patra