CRUELTY was not enough satisfied by bringing him to earth as a Colour blind, it took his parents away as well when he was just 3 !

But LIFE had planned different… It was writing a similar story in some place few kilometres away for a SHE.

Just DESTINY had to wait and give some time to TIME to bring them together ! And then HISTORY witnessed a beautiful and COLOURFUL LOVESTORY.

– Dr. Rajkumar Patra



He demanded “No am not jealous… but keep a distance when your so called best friend hugs you.” She smiled.


He called “Did you reach office? 4 km is not a short distance. ” She smiled.


He scolded“ How many times have i told you to keep a distance from stove when you wear silk cloth and cook ”She smiled.


He panicked, “ Office tour at 700 km distance ? Travel by train, its safe ” She smiled.


Every time she smiled as she knew each of the word “Distance”from his mouth,

silently conveyed “ I love you .”

– Dr. Rajkumar Patra


Dad shouted, “ Sneha’s amma ! Come soon. Your 3 months of non-stop hard work is paid off finally. Your continuous stress for watering.. trimming… compost.. gammaxene..and what not..?! The plant blossomed with its first rose” 

The mother came running, plucked the flower and disappeared.

A smiling voice resonated, “ Sneha’s appa. Come here and see… Our Sneha looks like a little Princess with this Red rose on her hairs. ” She continued back to her kitchen work.

The Dad saw. And removed the rose from the golden hairs of the doll and kept near Sneha’s photo.

– Dr. Rajkumar Patra



While Jumping from the bed by the grumpy alarm, Mr. Ranjan Joshi screamed to himself ,“ Godddd ! Its already 8 and she wil be ready in just few more minutes ! ” He panicked and rushed to the bathroom. Sharpened the frenchbeard. Wore the leather jacket. Coloured the front stripe of his hairs to Red. Put the blue contact lenses. Sprayed the Jovan musk. And kept the ring in his jeans pocket.

The Joshis’ hut, a sweet home.  Ranjan was at his best to get ready as early as possible, in his bedroom. At the dining, of the same home, Mrs. Joshi was waiting being veiled with the gorgeous pink saree. And a red rose clipped to the shining white hairs. She is 62. Stil as gorgeous as ever.

He flew out of his room and ran to the dining. Saw the watch. 9.15. He was 15 minutes late. He was ready, as ever. Sprinkled a king-style to his gait. Rolled the moustache. Wore the glasses. And entered the dining. Gave a royal smile to the beautiful old lady. She Stood up. Blushed. Poised like a shy bride. Hid behind her wrinkled palm. And waited.

The 30 years young Ranjan, went down to his knees. Removed the ring and said, “ Wil you marry me, Shefali? ”
The biggest and happiest day of her life. She waited from years to listen those words. Tears rolled. Smile shined. The wet lashes said ,“ Yes ! I wil …” She took the ring and shied away from the dining,  dancing from room to room. Smile curve refused to be a line.  Decorated the home. Ate chocolates. Lightened the candles. Sang the melodies. She started living the day as if there was no tomorrow.

Two dreamy eyes, filled with tears, were witnessing her happiness behind the screen.

She has Alzheimer’s.
Lost all her memories  except for the SINGLE day when Mr.Joshi had proposed to her, 35 years back. She lives the same day, daily.

11 Am.

Ranjan washed the red stripes off his hair. Removed the jacket. Kept the lenses. Wore his office formals and told to the teary eyed old man who was lost in enjoying his wife’s joy behind the screen, “Dad ! Am leaving for office. Take care of Mom. Am sure, She wil be this happy the whole day.” Mr.Joshi hugged Ranjan and said,“ Ranjan ! What you do in daily morning for your mom, hardly any other can even think of. Am so proud of you” Ranjan tightened the hug and said, “Dad! Am the luckiest to have the best parents in this world. And  you, please stop being so dramatic. ” Both smiled.

Ranjan took the box from Preethi, his wife. Was about to leave, But Mr.Joshi’s  curious eyes queried,“ But am afraid for the day when you wil start aging and stop mimicking the young look of me! She wil fail to recognise you the way she did to me. She just remembers that SINGLE day of our life and my youth look of that day. What will happen when you wil loose hairs… start greying… get a tummy…. like i did ??”

While taking his car keys from the hook, Ranjan smiled and mocked, “ Pray for a grandson, soon ! ”

    – Dr. Rajkumar Patra



“ Oh God ! Already 8 .30 ! Today again i have to face the humiliating harsh words of the stupid manager ” murmured Mrs. Kalpana while lifting the cooker whistle to fasten her speed. Breakfast is cooked. Lunch is half way. Sharp at 9 am, The inconsiderate manager wants all his employees to appear in bank. Kalpana is the only working person to income for her family. Never wants to risk this bank job, keeping the future of her two daughters in mind and the dreams, she has dreamt for them.

Preethi in class 7th and Keerthi in 6th.

The cooker blows out 3 loud whistles. Being irritated by the pitchy sound, her husband drags up the blanket and shouts, “ kalpana ! Please keep closing the kitchen door  when you cook.” And tries hard to nap back to already 10 hours long sleep.

Ignoring the voice as  if she has listened none, Kalpana kept increasing the cooking bowl’s  hubbub sounds and yelled, “ sweethearts ! Its 9. Your boxes are done. Are you both ready? School bus wil horn in a while.” Racing between kitchen and hall, She continued, “ Hurry up gals ! Do fast with your uniforms and rush out  !” Bringing out their school bags to table, she shouted again, “Keerthi Have you worn your socks? ”

Struggling with her socks the little demon growls, “ Mom ! You know i cant wear socks  and you stil roar at me.” Ordering Preethi to help Keerthi with her socks, the swamping mother smiles and says, “ If You had once asked your Dad to help you out, then today this simple deed would not have bothered you this much.” Both the girls frown and scowl at a time, “ Mom ! Are you serious ? Do you really think Dad wil help ?”

Now, the made silent mom leaves to kitchen. the girls to school. And unbothered by all these disagreeable situations, the Dad peeps out of the blanket and rests on the sofa. Pretending to be unaffected by his kids comments, he looks through the window and mumbles, “ What’s my mistake? Why do my kids percept me wrong ! Unlike Kalpana.”

Kalpana comes out hurriedly  being ready for the bank and says, “ Tiffin and lunch. Both are on table, Sameer. ” while taking the scooty keys, She ties up her white saree to be away from mud spill, takes her boxes and repeats,“ wil be back soon honey.”  She leaves. Stepping down the stairs, she stops half way. Returns back. Locks the door from outside and races back.

5 pm.

Exhausted Kalpana returns home . Unlocks the door. Gives a smile to Sameer. keeps her vanity on table. Dumps the uneaten breakfast and lunch lying on table into the bin. Makes hot coffee. Keeps a cup near Sameer. And takes a sip herself.

Bell rang. Jumped in, the two little girls. Threw the school bags. While removing her socks, Keerthi repeated her daily question, “Mom. Did Dad come out of his photo and eat your food ? Then why do you keep for him, daily ?”

While lighting the Incense sticks (Agarbatti),Kalpana smiles and says, “ Yes baby. Your Daddy eats daily.  You just need to feel it. ” She cleaned the photo. Put the sticks infront. Repeated,“ He PROMISED me. He wil be there with Me Forever… til I die. And i TRUST his PROMISE.”

Confused kids grin.

Sameer smiles. Gets up from the chair. Gives Kalpana a tight and long hug. As usual, She ignores and passes THROUGH him to the kitchen to prepare dinner for Four.

The spirit disappears and reappears in Kitchen, to hug her again.

– Dr. Rajkumar Patra



“Keerthi, No way i Could grant you to leave office early.Its my order, young lady. Today is the last day for our submission. ” left the project leader, putting already tensed Keerthi into a bigger stress.

Already its 5 pm. Train carrying the most critic In-laws, who once demanded their daughter in law to be a house wife and focus only on cooking heavenly delicious foods, wil reach at 8pm. Three hours to go and Keerthi is still racing from desk to desk to complete her project in Infosys.  6 months back she wedded her childhood sweetheart Irfan, thwarting all the social and family hurdles. A brahmin girl, a muslim guy and their sweet little love story.

But today she is insanely nervous as her in-laws are coming her home for the first time after their marriage and they had ordered to be served  with her handmade Biriyani. Even Irfan had asked her to return early. Being breathless from her pounding heart and thrusting pulse, she texts Irfan “ very badly stuck in work honey. wil make my best to reach soon. ” and started praying, “God ! Please make the time freeze for some hours !”

7.45 pm. Putting a sudden rude brake to the car, she kicked the gate and ran to the  door. But before even the  door gets opened, A white taxi blew a gaudy horn and stopped near the gate. Her heart skipped a beat. She turned. Before she faints to the floor, Irfan opened the door and pulled  her along to greet the in-laws at the gate. Both touched their feet and took them inside.

“what wil they think ? what shall i serve them? wil they leave in anger? what irfan would be thinking? why does this happen to me? why God is so mischief? ….” billions  of such thoughts were killing Keerthi mad.

15 minutes passed.

Keerthi was just spying the plastic bags thrown in the bin, came Irfan’s voice “ Mom Dad ! Come on. Keerthi’s yummy biriyani is awaiting you. ” He smiled and winked at keerthi to serve the plates. Delighted in-laws start relishing the fuming hot biriyani. “Oh ! What a smell” said Senior Khan saab taking the first spoon.  Happy, anxious and surprised eyes of keerthi were thanking Irfan, for the parcels he has got from the near by restaurant, through her gratitudeful calm smiles. Naughty eyes of irfan wink again. Breaking the silent conversation of their eyes, comes a shocking voice “ Dear! Just to make sure that i am not fooled, i have got a biriyani parcel from the near by hotel to compare with my daughter in law’s hand made delicious biriyani ”  from the mother in law with a wicked witchy smile on her face. She unwrapps the parcel. Shocked and dumbstruck keerthi balances herself from re-fainting and tries keeping the floor still from slipping below her feet ! She awaits the biggest insult of her life and closes her eyes.

“Wow ! Mind blowing taste Keerti. Am so sorry i doubted you. This Restaurant one is pathetic. But In fact your Biriyani  mimics mine. Proud of you my dear. The best daughter in law i could ever ask for. ”  says her mother in law with a hundred watt smile.

Dinner over.
Happy inlaws leave to rest.

She unwraps the hugging hand of Irfan and while putting ointment to his burnt fingers, she asks with tearful eyes ,“ Why did you cook?” He hugs tighter and whispers, “when it comes to my wife’s respect, i can cook my whole life.”

She cries and smiles. He smiles and winks.

He teases “ Dear Wifey, i know… Am the best husband “. Blowing air to his burnt fingers he repeats, “But am a strict project leader too, young lady !”

Pinching his tummy, The proud wife winks.

– Dr. Rajkumar Patra


Monday, 7th period Science class. Anshuman falls asleep in every of Shalini maam’s class, even though Science has always been his favorite. He ranks 1st in class.
“Oh! What an ideal scholar. Obedient Punctual Excellent mannerism. God bless this boy ! ” were the words from Every teacher except for Shalini maam. Shalini maam is taking 8th standard  science classes since 6 long months and she stil wonders his absurd behavioural changes in only her class. It never happened any students criticised her class or said she teaches bad. Then why this shocking activity of Anshu in her period…! She too loves Anshu more than any other students and infact doesn’t even step back to show her partial behavior towards him openly. Then why such whammy behavior From him ?

Days.. weeks.. and now many months are over. Stil she could no way stop Anshuman from this unpleasant attitude.

Monday, 7th period Science class.
“Phhaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttt….”came the loud sound from Anshuman’s bench which stirred the whole class to a shocking silence. Anshu is holding his reddened cheek while Shalini maam’s shivering hand was furious enough to recreate the cruel sound again from his other cheek. Probably for the first time Anshu was so insanely punished in his whole life.

Shalini madam’s anger has overcrossed all the boundaries and so as her patience. The same  fierce sound kept on increasing it’s decibel day by day..

She feels humiliated. defeated. depressed. She has started hating her soul. Crying and Cursing herself in staff restroom, after punishing Anshu, has become a routine  since few months. But all in vain. Anshu still continues the annoying sleep.

But yes…. She is not a woman, who is less mighter than a lioness.

She changed her ways.

Monday, 7th period Science class.
Shalini maam enters with a big thermocol project to explain the pollution. steam is coming. light is sparking. Small toy train is rounding with chhuk chhuk sound. She starts explaining with all her efforts and ideas, she made ready the day before. Every student is excited and alert. Shalini mam continues her mind-binding lectures without even giving a single stance to Anshu. Class bell rang. Happy Students clapped. Gathering all her courage, she gives a peep at Anshu. His awaked bright eyes gave Shalini maam the feeling of a conquered queen.

She got the way. Got the zeal. And a new mission to start for. Daily She makes the interesting notes. Prepares herself. Builds the models. Designs the projects. And fights in her each class to make every student understand and Anshu unsleep.

She succeeds.

After 6 months, when Anshuman again secures the rank one to step into standard ninth, she calls Anshu And asks, her ever unsolved mysterious doubts, always suppressed within. “Anshu ! Why did you always sleep in my class ? Were you stuborn? Or biased? Or sick? Or  mad ? Or…….i don’t know what ”

Anshu gives a hundred watt smile. Hugs Shalini maam. Wipes off her tears and says,“ I tried in all possible ways i could, to fulfill my dream. I gave my best. I followed a zillion techniques. But it was not easy for me to achieve my dream. ”  Gulps his saliva and continues ,“ When every one was criticizing that Shalini maam is a bad teacher and nobody can imbibe any knowledge from her boring Classes, I promised and buckled myself to bring the day where every lips wil say Shalini mam is the world’s best teacher ! It was my only dream  ever since. ” again wipes her unstoppable tears in his little palms and before running to the football field,
he gives a frowning smile and says “ That’s all MOM.. ”

– Dr. Rajkumar Patra
28 june 2016