What if FACEBOOK had voice..

The Myths and types of ppl ‘facebook’ meets in its daily life. 

In another way wat i feel about  Facebook’s  feelings ! Ok…lets not complicate it. In short if Facebook is given voice for a day, then it will speak  :
1) Yes.. i do come across such people  who keep seeing Me 24Γ—7 but never drop a single  like in their friend’s post in d insecurity of losing  d ego or in d fear of telling  d world that they r not busy enough in their  profession !
2) Then comes the people who keep liking every single post they come across in a hope to get atleast 10 return likes in their post !
3) Now the ppl whose parents blame me the most for all the reasons best known to them. Infact if the rain doesn’t stop…i am blamed for it ! 
4) Then comes the lazy group who r pathetically  lazy to even move their thumb to touch d like button  !
5)The ppl who posts 10 selfies in every angle in a single post .
6) The ppl who takes 100 selfies and take two days to edit a single one and then forget to post it !
7)The ppl who take pics of their friend’s food n  desserts and post it in their wall as if they r cherishing them !
8)The ppl who posts only religious and communal posts .
9)The girl who gets 700 likes and the guy who gets 7 likes . The later is happy but the former is drastically upset coz her friend has got 701 likes !
10) A doctor gets fear to be active on f.book in a fear of what ppl wil think abt him ! The society may not respect  him coz he is an active person in social media !? So he restrains himself and his desires to be on f.book.
11)And yes the same doctor is branded as a less reputed doctor who has plenty of time and less number of patients which makes him use f.book often !
12) Then comes  all the employees  who like their boss’s post along with two verbal scoldings for free.
13)Oh no ! Now the uncles and aunties who keep giving their embarrassing comments  irrespective of everyone’s  ignored behaviour for them.
14)Now the ppl who has promised to give comments only in picture formats !
15)Now the ppl who don’t  share their friend’s post for self esteem but go the original site to share the same post !
16)Now the innocent  ppl who gets trolled  for wat ever they post in their life 
17)Now the ppl who post, only their check inn areas !
18) And now comes the generous ppl who honestly  like the posts what  they genuinely  like. And they give a damn to the world  for what the society will think of them ! They do in f.book wat ever they feel like to do, caring  least for the rest. They care nil for the talking mouths .They r confident enough to carry themselves.  And yes….they r my favourites😊
19) And now as i know…Half of my members r thinking  in their mind that the writer has given an indirect hint that he belongs to the category18 
or and the rest half r strongly thinking that they themselves belong to category18 !πŸ€”πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒ

My crazzzzzy fans 😎

                 – Urs Facebook.

(Written by : Dr. Rajkumar Patra                                                29/june/17.


A true incident in my OPD..

—A true incident in my OPD today—
Today 10.30 A.M. 

I was busy seeing my patients in opd. Heavy rush outside my room. Children’s cry..Rich patient’s dominant voices.. Poor  ppl’s hopeful gazes..Blind’s prayers.. Operated blind patient’s selfless blessings.. Suspicious patient’s doubtful queries.. Early arriver’s demands to enter first. ..and many such glimpses were shown to me for a fraction by the door everytime it used to open and allow a patient inside !
A 63 year old patient came in. An old man. Clean White shirt tucked inside the ironed  black pant. A supporting stick in hand. White hairs. Small gaits. A pen in pocket. 
His smiling voice said,β€œ Good morning doctor ”. He was talking in english. 

I made him sit on the slitlamp chair and greeted him back, β€œ Good morning tata(grand pa) .”
Panicked by the rush of patients outside I jumped to the history,β€œ Tata . Tel me what’s your eye problems ? How can i help you. ”
He paused for a while and replied, β€œ Doctor . I need a pair of spectacles immediately today. Am unable to see anything clearly.”
Being a bit annoyed by his demand i replied, β€œ Tata ! I can only advise glasses after examining your eyes. If your eyes are suitable and fit for glasses… then only i can prescribe .”
He said,β€œ No doctor ! You have to write me spectacles  whatever it is . Please doctor. You have to give me glasses.”
Again his irritating and irrational demad made me taunt Him in my mind,β€œ  These days everyone is a doctor by themselves. They wil only decide what treatment is good for them. Our white coat is a waste. And more than that Google is d doctor in chief now !”
Keeping my irritation within i blossomed a fake smile and replied, β€œ Tata . Let me first examine your eyes. We wil decide then how to proceed”
I made him comfortable on the slitlamp chair. Then i started a thorough examination of his anterior segment and fundus of both eyes. 
He was a diabetic. His both eyes had PDR changes in retina and right eye had vitreous hemorrhage as well. (For my non medico friends :  Its a condition where patients retina and nerve become very weak due to chronic and uncontrolled diabetes and lots of blood spills inside the eyes. Its a very critical condition. No way it can get corrected with glasses and drops )
Keeping him calm..i explained in detail the conditions to him and advised him he wil be needing intravitreal injections with laser. And may be retinal surgeries soon if unsolved. 
He remained silent for a while. I was observing him. He looked at the roof…murmured something..took a deep breath and replied,β€œ  So doctor ! Its a very serious condition ? I need injections in my eyes and operations as well !”
Giving him courage i said ,β€œ  Yes tata ! You need them. But after a proper treatment you wil get back your lost sight very soon. ”
A line of tear rolled down from his eyes. His helpless eyes asked me,β€œ Doctor ! By any mean..will it  get corrected with spectacles?” 
I said,β€œTata . No..”
He again took a deep breath inside .Made his posture straight and asked,β€œ  But doctor! You please advise me glasses for now. So that i can read and write atleast for a week.”
This time i lost my cool. 

In a rude voice i replied,β€œ Tata ! See. There are hundreds of patients waiting outside. It has been 30 minutes since i am explaining you that spectacles won’t fit to your eyes. The plan of treatment is different for the disease you have. But you seem not to trust me at all and you are deciding your treatment by yourself ! I am here to help you out tata. Please understand and decide outside and tel me. ”
β€œNo no no. . Doctor !”  the 63 years old man bent forward and held my hands,β€œ  Doctor ! I never meant to distrust you or your treatment ! Am sorry doctor ! Why i am imposing so much on glasses is. .. tomorrow is my exam !”
Confused by his confession i reasked him,β€œTata !  What ?”
He said,β€œ Tomorrow is my exam..doctor .”
Shocked and puzzled by his answer i took a minute to understand what he is really speaking. This time i took a deep breath and asked,β€œ  Tata..what exam ?” 
He gave a small line of smile and replied,β€œBA exam doctor. Bachelor of Arts ”
He continued,β€œ Tomorrow my BA exam wil start doctor. It wil go on for a week. I am unable to see clearly anything since 10 days.I wil undergo all the injections and operations in my  eyes for sure..doctor. But after 1 week. After my exam.  For now just give me a pair of glasses so that i can read the question paper and write my answers ! Please doctor. With the responsibilities of life and family.. i had to discontinue my studies in my youth. Got neck deep busy with the multi tasks life threw at me ! And now when i am a bit free. .. i decided to fulfill the dream which my wife had seen for me. She wanted me to become a Graduate!”
A 60 years old lady was flashing her smiles and peeping through the door. His wife. 
I was sweating by now . Told my assistant to decrease the AC temperature. My throat was dry. Goose bumps all over. Breaths were trembling. Huge respect for such a determined man had taken over all my brain. What a couple ! What a dream ! What a determination ! What a love story !
I was speechless. My brain had stopped thinking. I was looking like a dumb doctor in front of such a great personality. I was acting as if i am thinking about his glasses.but the fact being i was paused by the time. Mind was blocked. 
Though i knew glasses were hardly of any use but being consoled by his promise to return after a week for the proper treatment… i gave myself courage and replied ,β€œ Done tata ! I am writing you glasses for your exam. But promise me to come again once your exams are over. ”
He got up from the chair and said,β€œ Doctor definitely! Promise.”
I called his wife inside and said,β€œ  Madam ! I am giving your husband glasses. Bring him after a week. But with sweet boxes. Because am sure he wil top the exam !”
Both smiled and replied at a time,β€œ Thank you doctor !”
And my brain is still not functioning right  while writing this article as well ! Am stil in that euphoria of witnessing such a great couple! Hats off.

– Dr. Rajkumar Patra


White SKODA and the MAN in black


β€œWhom wil He pick to sit with him on the front seat, when he drives ”

This thought was swirling rounds n rounds in the minds of two gorgeous ladies tapping towards the car with the man in black suit in between.

One was in her 30’s. jeans with high hills. possesive. loves him more than her life. demanding loving understanding. A doctor, HIS wife.

The other in her 60’s. Black shining saree with shoes. White short hairs. Independent. expects silently from everything. Has raised him single handedly. Proud. A business icon. The CEO, HIS Mom.

In between the gentleman. A man with dignity. married against his mom’s wish. A loving husband and a caring son. Returned with wife, when the Mom’s ego finally let him in, after 6 years of his marriage.

The white SKODA was parked outside. A new car. It’s first day at the Garg’s house, but the SKODA was very tensed and puzzled with the taps of heels and shoes nearing it. It peeped at the calm but stressed eyes of its owner, the man in black suit and smiled.

The trio stopped near the car. The man went ahead and opened the front door, β€œMom, get in.”
With a small but arrogant smile the satisfied lady stepped inside.

Not rolling, Tears hadn’t even start to form in the love filled eyes of the second lady.. He said,  β€œMaya, Let Mom know who has taught me how to drive. (how to live as well, he whispered) You drive the car. ”

He gave her the keys and sat behind.

The relaxed SKODA  roared and sprang.

– Dr. Rajkumar Patra
     30.march. 2017



Result ?!?

6 hours of hard efforts and β€˜SHE’ comes with the fuming hot chicken biriyani β€œ I have tried for the first time for you…”
The excited β€˜HE’ sat for the dinner with all smiles on face .
RESULT time.

Of them, Two were happy and two were hurt.

Happy were the both hearts.

And Hurt were…
…the vegetarian hands while cooking the chicken and
the already filled tommy from office-party while relishing the salt less Biriyani.
Afterall all is fair in Love.. and Love.

– Dr. Rajkumar Patra


CRUELTY was not enough satisfied by bringing him to earth as a Colour blind, it took his parents away as well when he was just 3 !

But LIFE had planned different… It was writing a similar story in some place few kilometres away for a SHE.

Just DESTINY had to wait and give some time to TIME to bring them together ! And then HISTORY witnessed a beautiful and COLOURFUL LOVESTORY.

– Dr. Rajkumar Patra




While Jumping from the bed by the grumpy alarm, Mr. Ranjan Joshi screamed to himself ,β€œ Godddd ! Its already 8 and she wil be ready in just few more minutes ! ” He panicked and rushed to the bathroom. Sharpened the frenchbeard. Wore the leather jacket. Coloured the front stripe of his hairs to Red. Put the blue contact lenses. Sprayed the Jovan musk. And kept the ring in his jeans pocket.

The Joshis’ hut, a sweet home.  Ranjan was at his best to get ready as early as possible, in his bedroom. At the dining, of the same home, Mrs. Joshi was waiting being veiled with the gorgeous pink saree. And a red rose clipped to the shining white hairs. She is 62. Stil as gorgeous as ever.

He flew out of his room and ran to the dining. Saw the watch. 9.15. He was 15 minutes late. He was ready, as ever. Sprinkled a king-style to his gait. Rolled the moustache. Wore the glasses. And entered the dining. Gave a royal smile to the beautiful old lady. She Stood up. Blushed. Poised like a shy bride. Hid behind her wrinkled palm. And waited.

The 30 years young Ranjan, went down to his knees. Removed the ring and said, β€œ Wil you marry me, Shefali? ”
The biggest and happiest day of her life. She waited from years to listen those words. Tears rolled. Smile shined. The wet lashes said ,β€œ Yes ! I wil …” She took the ring and shied away from the dining,  dancing from room to room. Smile curve refused to be a line.  Decorated the home. Ate chocolates. Lightened the candles. Sang the melodies. She started living the day as if there was no tomorrow.

Two dreamy eyes, filled with tears, were witnessing her happiness behind the screen.

She has Alzheimer’s.
Lost all her memories  except for the SINGLE day when Mr.Joshi had proposed to her, 35 years back. She lives the same day, daily.

11 Am.

Ranjan washed the red stripes off his hair. Removed the jacket. Kept the lenses. Wore his office formals and told to the teary eyed old man who was lost in enjoying his wife’s joy behind the screen, β€œDad ! Am leaving for office. Take care of Mom. Am sure, She wil be this happy the whole day.” Mr.Joshi hugged Ranjan and said,β€œ Ranjan ! What you do in daily morning for your mom, hardly any other can even think of. Am so proud of you” Ranjan tightened the hug and said, β€œDad! Am the luckiest to have the best parents in this world. And  you, please stop being so dramatic. ” Both smiled.

Ranjan took the box from Preethi, his wife. Was about to leave, But Mr.Joshi’s  curious eyes queried,β€œ But am afraid for the day when you wil start aging and stop mimicking the young look of me! She wil fail to recognise you the way she did to me. She just remembers that SINGLE day of our life and my youth look of that day. What will happen when you wil loose hairs… start greying… get a tummy…. like i did ??”

While taking his car keys from the hook, Ranjan smiled and mocked, β€œ Pray for a grandson, soon ! ”

    – Dr. Rajkumar Patra