What if FACEBOOK had voice..

The Myths and types of ppl ‘facebook’ meets in its daily life. 

In another way wat i feel about  Facebook’s  feelings ! Ok…lets not complicate it. In short if Facebook is given voice for a day, then it will speak  :
1) Yes.. i do come across such people  who keep seeing Me 24ร—7 but never drop a single  like in their friend’s post in d insecurity of losing  d ego or in d fear of telling  d world that they r not busy enough in their  profession !
2) Then comes the people who keep liking every single post they come across in a hope to get atleast 10 return likes in their post !
3) Now the ppl whose parents blame me the most for all the reasons best known to them. Infact if the rain doesn’t stop…i am blamed for it ! 
4) Then comes the lazy group who r pathetically  lazy to even move their thumb to touch d like button  !
5)The ppl who posts 10 selfies in every angle in a single post .
6) The ppl who takes 100 selfies and take two days to edit a single one and then forget to post it !
7)The ppl who take pics of their friend’s food n  desserts and post it in their wall as if they r cherishing them !
8)The ppl who posts only religious and communal posts .
9)The girl who gets 700 likes and the guy who gets 7 likes . The later is happy but the former is drastically upset coz her friend has got 701 likes !
10) A doctor gets fear to be active on f.book in a fear of what ppl wil think abt him ! The society may not respect  him coz he is an active person in social media !? So he restrains himself and his desires to be on f.book.
11)And yes the same doctor is branded as a less reputed doctor who has plenty of time and less number of patients which makes him use f.book often !
12) Then comes  all the employees  who like their boss’s post along with two verbal scoldings for free.
13)Oh no ! Now the uncles and aunties who keep giving their embarrassing comments  irrespective of everyone’s  ignored behaviour for them.
14)Now the ppl who has promised to give comments only in picture formats !
15)Now the ppl who don’t  share their friend’s post for self esteem but go the original site to share the same post !
16)Now the innocent  ppl who gets trolled  for wat ever they post in their life 
17)Now the ppl who post, only their check inn areas !
18) And now comes the generous ppl who honestly  like the posts what  they genuinely  like. And they give a damn to the world  for what the society will think of them ! They do in f.book wat ever they feel like to do, caring  least for the rest. They care nil for the talking mouths .They r confident enough to carry themselves.  And yes….they r my favourites๐Ÿ˜Š
19) And now as i know…Half of my members r thinking  in their mind that the writer has given an indirect hint that he belongs to the category18 
or and the rest half r strongly thinking that they themselves belong to category18 !๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ƒ

My crazzzzzy fans ๐Ÿ˜Ž

                 – Urs Facebook.

(Written by : Dr. Rajkumar Patra                                                29/june/17.


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