A Fairy Tale

A fairy tale. 
“Atleast while cooking… be alert dear witch. Don’t know.. if a mad dog had bitten me 10 years back that i allowed Ajay to marry you ! Only God can save my family now. 10 years over.. you couldn’t give a child to our family. I had warned Ajay a million times not to go behind you. But all invain ! He was lost and mad in your love… a Christian girl’s love ! I guess you had done some black magic on him then.. Even now you do the same. My son sees nothing beyond you. He is blind folded by your love ! If you can’t give a descendant to take my family’s name further then atleast have some mercy not to bring your dirty face to me daily morning. Get out of the kitchen !” The mother in law screamed these ruthless lines while entering the kitchen. 
Before the silent tears start forming the wet lines on her cheek.. Ajay rushed inside the kitchen with “ Mom ! How many times i have told you to stop blaming her for everything. She is my wife mom.. Don’t insult her daily with your rude lines just because we couldn’t gift you a child yet ! Look mom.. am sorry. But its my heartfelt request to stop such harsh words. She can’t talk. But mom.. does that make you speak and cross the line everytime ? Please mom. Don’t do this. ”
His mom screamed back ,“ Yes yes yes… who am i to say ? You are bilnd in your wife’s love. i am the culprit, if i speak out the truth. A wife’s puppet.. Am leaving. Let her die in hell. ” She left the kitchen spreading the negative fumes all over as she does all the time in her routine life. 
After all the hard efforts.. he still failed to stop the tears roll silently from his wife’s eyes. He dragged her to his chest and hugged tightly. Allowed her to cry out her inner pain. This has become a regular morning scene since their marriage. His mom insults her for everything. Her inability to talk and her caste has been the prime reason for the non acceptance in Ajay’s family. But she faces all the torture with grace. Always flaunts a smile and bear all the pain silently. Ajay is her strength. His support and love has made her cross all the stress and blames of the society. 
10 years back when Ajay had gone down on his knees and had proposed her, she straight away slapped him back. Who would believe the topper of the batch was seriously proposing a dumb girl ! She thought Ajay was mocking at her inability like the rest of society does. But life had different plans. It started their beautiful love story like very much a fairy tale way and blessed a dumb girl with her dream prince charming.
After 10years of their marriage, She still struggles for acceptance in Ajay’s family. Ajay ‘s unconditional love has been the only reason she still bears all the pain silently. But the mock from people and Ajay’s family members has reached a different level since few years as god cursed her with a new tragedy of incapability to give Ajay the descendant of their family. 
Day by day.. months by months.. time rolled on.
Today is their 12th anniversary. The couple were ready to start the beautiful day with a pious visit to church and then to a temple. No wishes from families.. no smiles around.. lusterless faces everywhere.. Among all these joyless surroundings, she gave a paper slip to her husband. With a glance of surprise when Ajay unfolded the paper, it read “ Honey… You are going to be a dad soon ! Am pregnant ” A moment came he was unable to balance himself to the floor.. He leaned to the wall.. Tears rolled… Shivering lips started the unheard songs… Silent waves started the melodies around.. He lifted her chin and asked ,“ Sweetheart..! You are not joking.. right?”She smiled and her teary eyes spoke the rest. He shouted like a mad person, “ Am going to become a Dad !!!! ” The loud tears were screaming out the long hidden million pains.. His family came running. Suddenly the heartless people started huming the congratulation notes ! Her mom in law flashed a line of smile after a decade. Putting an acceptance hand on her head the long awaited words came from the mom in law’s mouth ,“ Am happy. Both of you visist the temple soon and pray for my grand child’s arrival in a healthy way !” The wife’s innocent smiles were giving Ajay the feel of satisfaction he longed to see on her face from the time of their marriage. Euphoric mind of a would be Dad knew no boundaries where to limit the joy ! Passing through the endless smiling echos.. the couple left for the prayers. 
Time went by. Ajay has become more responsible these days. Comes from office early. Daily a gift for the wife to pass a bunch of happiness to the little life inside. Sit here.. Walk slow.. Eat these… Don’t climb the stairs.. Stay out of kitchen.. Did you take the tablets.. Why you didn’t have the fruits.. And zillions more such possesive words had become Ajay’s routine lines for the pampered wife. He has always been a caring husband. But the new responsible side was an adventure view for his wife yet to explore. He thanks the All mighty in every of his prayers for all the happiness he has showered on his family.
8 months over.
The wait was approaching the climax. The couple’s joy and excitement was painting their life with tiny colours. The shining rays of happiness had removed all the black clouds from their life.
Night 2 am.

Ajay got up with a shock by a screaming voice. It took him one minute to believe that her wife is lying on the bathroom’s floor. Her helpless eyes were calling Ajay to save their child. She was trying to lift her hands and call Ajay.. Her eyes rolled up and she lost her sense. Ajay was still on the bed. He was seeing her lusterless wet eyes and shivering body to realize what is happening in real. He was stunned. He was unable to gather the guts to run near his wife and lift her up. He got up from the bed… walked slowly to the bathroom. Sat on the floor. Took her head in his hand and asked ,“ Honey… honey… listen. ” galloped saliva in his dry mouth and continued, “ Honey… listen. tel me what happened… honey tel me what happened” shook her head and shouted , “Honey… Open your mouth and speak. What happened !”

A rude cry came from his mother ,“ What the dumb lady will speak ? She has slipped on the floor. What wil happen to my grand child now !! God save us ! ”
Ajay was dumb struck. The ambulance siren and the blue light on the van was appearing to him as if he is falling to hell. He sat inside the van with his wife’s head on his lap. He was unaware of what’s going on in his life. When the ambulance van once jerked on a road hump.. she screamed in pain,“ Godddd ! Save my child ”. Ajay looked at her silently for a while… and bursted out, “ Godddddddddddd …… goddd….. goddd !” 
The van reached the hospital. The nurses rushed near the van. Ajay made his wife lie on the stretcher. The nurses rushed to the operation theatre. Ajay kept running behind the stretcher like a mad person. His tears are breaking all the boundaries. He was in his vest and trousers. His white vest is now red. He is screaming some meaningless words looking at the roof. They took his wife inside the operation theatre. He fell down on his knees and kept striking his head to the wall.
She has come back to her sense. Her eyes are awaiting the unexplained fear and ears are listening his husband’s scream from outside. Her heart is screaming to run out and hug her love and say ,“ Honey. Don’t cry… ”
30 minutes passed. The doctor came out and asked ,“ Who is patient’s husband ? ” Ajay was murmuring some scoldings to god with his closed eyes. He ran to the doctor and said,“ Am her husband doctor ! What happened to them. How are they… Everything wil be fine? doctor..? Doctor… doctor. take me inside! ”  
The doctor calmed him down and sat with him on the bench. Gave him a glass of water and said ,“ See Mr. Ajay. Situation is very critical. To be frank.. i can save either the mother or the baby. You decide and tel me the way soon. Time is too less”
She was able to listen the conversation from inside. Her heart was pounding and skipping some beats. She was touching her baby bump and consoling silently ,“ i won’t let anything happen to you my baby ! I am there to protect you ”
Ajay lost all his hopes. Wiped off his tears. Looked at his mother. Life had stopped for him. Fate had played the cruelest game with him. He made himself sable. 
He got up from the chair. Took all his strength and ended the conversation with ,“Doctor ! Save my baby. ” 
His mom came runningly and hugged him as if he has taken the best decision of his life. Doctor made him sign the paper and left to the OT.
A minute later.. Ajay got up from the chair as if he got a lightning shock. Doctor was about to close the operation theatre door, Ajay ran like a mad to him and said ,“Doctor! Did you understand what i said ?” he continued ,“ At any cost you have to save my baby ! I meant Mrs. Baby Fernandez. My wife. ”
The doctor nodded with a smile and closed the door.
    – Dr. Rajkumar Patra



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