White SKODA and the MAN in black


“Whom wil He pick to sit with him on the front seat, when he drives ”

This thought was swirling rounds n rounds in the minds of two gorgeous ladies tapping towards the car with the man in black suit in between.

One was in her 30’s. jeans with high hills. possesive. loves him more than her life. demanding loving understanding. A doctor, HIS wife.

The other in her 60’s. Black shining saree with shoes. White short hairs. Independent. expects silently from everything. Has raised him single handedly. Proud. A business icon. The CEO, HIS Mom.

In between the gentleman. A man with dignity. married against his mom’s wish. A loving husband and a caring son. Returned with wife, when the Mom’s ego finally let him in, after 6 years of his marriage.

The white SKODA was parked outside. A new car. It’s first day at the Garg’s house, but the SKODA was very tensed and puzzled with the taps of heels and shoes nearing it. It peeped at the calm but stressed eyes of its owner, the man in black suit and smiled.

The trio stopped near the car. The man went ahead and opened the front door, “Mom, get in.”
With a small but arrogant smile the satisfied lady stepped inside.

Not rolling, Tears hadn’t even start to form in the love filled eyes of the second lady.. He said,  “Maya, Let Mom know who has taught me how to drive. (how to live as well, he whispered) You drive the car. ”

He gave her the keys and sat behind.

The relaxed SKODA  roared and sprang.

– Dr. Rajkumar Patra
     30.march. 2017


14 thoughts on “White SKODA and the MAN in black

  1. Wonderful story…speechless….the ending was superb…and the importantly with this reckless world the SKODA is the lucky one..it has a sensible owner..😍😍😄…God bless Dr.Raj


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