“No no no no…..oh God ! Damn it yaar…we are caught ” said Ananth to his two friends sitting behind on his bike.“This traffic police is a crazy one. He thinks he is d reincarnation of Gandhiji and always shows off his excess disciplines and punctuality the same way” mocked Ananth’s friend, while parking the bike to  road side. The three stood near the police, making their faces as innocent as it could be. Without even checking the bike documents ,the police handed over the fine receipt reasoning 3 on a bike . With a rude look.

After paying the fine, when Ananth and friends started walking off,the police called,“ Boys ! Can i take a selfie with u ?” Clicking a selfie he satired ,“i like keeping the photos of my FAVORITE criminals. ”

He continued back to his work and the shocked boys to their college.

15 years have passed.

Today Ananth is an IPS officer and well known in the state for his honesty and dedicated work.

After the parade , when Mr.Ananth was asked by media on the Republic day about his success, he replied with a smirk  “A bunch of silent SELFIES, made me what i am today ”  and went down the dias. Held the hand of same old traffic police and escorted him with honour to the stage. Made the reluctant old man to sit on his VIP chair and Continued,“ This man’s selfies were the silent weapons, which forced me always to kill the evils within. And as you all know He is Mr. Raghuram patil. And i am Mr. Ananth Raghuram patil. ”

A father clicked a selfie. This time a Proud one.
Dr. Rajkumar Patra.





She hates the waves.Once they feasted on every flesh of her family.

30 years have passed.  The sight of raging sea gulping a small boat , makes this lonely old lady go  mad and insane , even now. Sleep pills are the only food, she is living on.

Night 3 AM. She is sitting on her bed in her usual white crumpled saree.  She has  dared to skip the pill and let in the memories to invade and wet her eyes. Today was her anniversary.

Lost in her beautiful memories ,hardly did she even bother to shout at the thief who just peeped and jumped in through the window . It was dark.He started his work from the utensils.15 minutes passed. Unwilling to get distracted from d thoughts she dared after a decade to relish on,  She Switched on the light and told the shocked thief in an irritable un-disturbed calm voice  ,“  Mr.Thief ! Take what ever you wish  but  i don’t want even a fingerprint on the photoframe “.  This is d only subject she is attached to today.

She returned to her dreamland.

Grrrrrrrrr…trekkkk chaaan….Came the crack sound of frame .

Two minutes of silence.

Rushed the old lady and slapped the thief ,“what  did you do  !!!?? ”

Two minutes of silence

Came d answer, “Its me ,Mom ! ”

Sea was enough kind to  spare a little life ,30 yrs back .
Wat an anniversary gift,though.

Dr. Rajkumar Patra.


Eversince she was 7, Even a small thought of her adventurous dreams,  used to make her go euphoric !  The carnival fest of Switzerland, having coffee on the eiffel tower ,  camping in d dark amazon forest , playing with mini kangaroos,fishing in d brooks of Amsterdam and many more… are d dreams  she had fantasized all the time.

Today she is 24. Lost her legs to a flesh hungry  lorry which perhaps envied her dreams she lived for.

While Unwrapping the bandages , her childhood friend Dr.Roshan said in an artificially strengthened voice ,“Hey Simi !  Why r u so sad ? U have me as ur best buddy and i have stil my legs intact to take my bezzie to any part of the world you wish for .”

Putting a difficult fence to her unstoppable tears ,She smiled and satired ,“ Roshan ! What ur future wife would say if i become a crazy companion to each of ur trip being a thorn in the flesh ! ” 

2 minutes of pause. 

He removed his apron.kept the stetho aside. Took a needle. Pricked his own fingure and went down to his knees and said, “Simi ! Wil you marry me ?” Drawing a ring around HER finger from HIS oozing blood drop,He continued  “ Simi, Pls forgive me , i am doing this work using a biological ring instead a diamond one ! .”   

Fence broke.Floods came. From both of their eyes.
                                Dr.Rajkumar Patra



In d aura of wife’s teary eyes , son’s proud smile , daughter’s anxious look , grandson’s impatient face ,granddaughter’s colourful bouque…. Dr.Raj , unrolling the white bandage off the 35years old unseen eyes of 65 years old Mr. Raghu , asked him – Raghuji ,whom from ur family you want to see first wen I unwrap this gauge ?

Giving a surprise to everyone’s face , the reply came – Doctor sir ! I want to see YOU first.

12.05. 2016



On d journey from her girlhood to today’s of a bride, witnessing the daily dowry-slaps and boots on her amma ,her helpless eyes have stopped shedding tears and are parch dried now.

Breaking the intution,doubt ,confusion and innumerable un-solved questions for her husband-to-be , ignited from the deep hatred for her Appa , suddenly the groom’s voice traversed the beautiful pink veil and shivered her pendant dragged ears with “I WANT DOWRY”.

5 minutes of silence.

Before she sense the darkness and question the generosity once found in her prince charming when she had shared her Amma’s agony with him, the same voice re-traversed the pink veil and spoke “ AS DOWRY, I WANT TO TAKE HER AMMA WITH ME, AS I DON’T HAVE ONE. ”

After years. …Her Long deserted dry eyes again seow tears and this time they were of joy !

Dr. Rajkumar Patra.